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Update on SJI Grant Programs for FY 2012: Priority Investment Areas

SJI’s solicitation for concept papers dealing with self-represented litigation and the state courts resulted in 47 papers; totaling $4,770,208. Self-represented litigation in the state courts was designated an SJI Priority Investment Area for FY 2012. Once the Board has awarded grants for selected projects, more details will be provided.

SJI continues to receive over $1 million in grant applications per quarter., and encourages potential applicants to consider submitting their application as early in the fiscal year as possible. In addition, SJI staff can assist potential applicants in determining whether their proposed projects are eligible within the parameters of SJI’s Grant Guideline. It is important for potential applicants to consider the timing of applications. While SJI has not previously allocated all grant funding before the 4th quarter of a given fiscal year, increases in quarterly applications, designation of Priority Investment Areas, and potential partner grants at the national level have an impact on available grant funding. In addition to the requirements contained in the Grant Guideline, applicants are also being asked if their proposed projects advance one or more Priority Investment Areas, and if not, why.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact SJI with any questions. The deadline for 3rd quarter grant applications is May 1, 2012. The deadline for 4th quarter grant applications is August 1, 2012.