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Curriculum Adaptation & Training Grant

inner-body-projectgrantsMATCH REQUIREMENTS

Applicants for CAT Grants will be required to contribute a match of not less than 50% of the grant amount requested, of which 20% must be cash.

A grantee seeking a $30,000 CAT grant must provide a $15,000 match, of which up to $12,000 can be in-kind and not less than $3,000 must be cash.


CAT grant applications proposing to adapt curricula or conducting educational and training programs will be awarded on the basis of criteria including: the goals and objectives of the proposed project; the need for outside funding to support the program; the likelihood of effective implementation and integration of the modified curriculum into the state or local jurisdiction’s ongoing educational programming; and expressions of interest by local judges and/or court personnel.


Letters of application may be submitted at any time; however, applications are only reviewed quarterly at scheduled Board meetings. Applicants proposing to adapt a curriculum should allow at least 90 days between the grant notification date (two weeks following the Board meeting) and the date of the program to ensure sufficient planning time.

There is no prescribed format for the application. In lieu of formal applications, applicants should submit an original and two photocopies of a detailed letter as well as Forms A, B, and C (which can be downloaded from the SJI website). There is no minimum or maximum page limit for this application, but it should include the following information to assure that each of the review criteria listed above is addressed.


What is the title of the curriculum to be adapted; or what is the title of the program for which training assistance is needed? Why is the curriculum or training program needed at the present time? What are the project’s goals and the learning objectives of either the curriculum or the training program? Who would be responsible for the adaptations to a curriculum or providing the training anticipated? Who would be the participants and how many would there be; how and where would they be recruited? If a consultant has been selected, the individual should provide a letter indicating interest and availability for the project. The applicant should indicate the qualifications used for the selection of this consultant. If a consultant has not yet been identified, what procedures and criteria would be used to select the consultant? Applicants are expected to follow their jurisdictions’ normal procedures for procuring consultant services.


Why are sufficient state or local resources unavailable to fully support the modification and/or the presentation of the proposed program? What is the potential for replicating or integrating the adapted curriculum or training program in the future, using state or local funds?


What is the proposed timeline, including the project start and end dates? On what date(s) would the education program be presented? Who would serve as faculty, and how were they selected? What measures would be taken to facilitate subsequent presentations of the program?


Does the proposed program have the support of the court system or association leadership, and of judges, court managers, and judicial branch education personnel who are expected to attend? This may be demonstrated by attaching letters of support.


Local courts should attach a concurrence form (Form B) signed by the chief justice of the state or his or her designee. The concurrence also must specify whether the state supreme court would designate the local court or a specified agency or council to receive the funds directly.


Applicants should attach a copy of budget Form C and a budget narrative that describes the basis for the computation of all project-related costs and the source of the match offered. Match must be equal to 50% of the amount requested, with at least 20% of that match being cash match. In-kind match would be provided for the balance of the required match.

Grantee Responsibilities

A recipient of a Curriculum Adaptation or Training grant must:

  • Comply with the same quarterly reporting requirements as other SJI grantees (see Sections VI and VII of the Grant Guideline).
  • Include in each grant product a prominent acknowledgement of SJI support, the “SJI” logo, and a disclaimer (see section VI.A.11 of the Grant Guideline; and
  • At the conclusion of the grant period, submit two copies of the consultant’s report and/or one copy of the manuals, handbooks, or conference packets developed under the grant along with a final report that includes any evaluation results and explains how the court intends to act on the consultant’s recommendations and/or how the modified curriculum or program will be presented in the future.