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SJI Receives FY 2012 3rd Quarter Grant Applications

SJI received 15 grant applications requesting a total of $756,684 for the 3rd quarter of FY 2012. The Board will meet on June 18, 2012 to award new grants for the 3rd quarter. The results of this Board meeting will be available the following week. The final grant deadline for FY 2012 (4th quarter) is: August, 1, 2012. SJI staff are available to help interpret the Grant Guideline, and offer assistance on other matters related to grant applications. All future applicants are reminded that they are required to describe how their proposed project addresses one or more of SJI’s new Priority Investment Areas. In addition, applicants must delineate specific performance outcomes and define how success will be measured. Several applications submitted this quarter were developed from SJI’s previous Strategic Initiatives Grants (SIG) program solicitation on Self-Represented Litigation and the state courts. Increases in self-represented litigants continue to challenge state courts, as they seek innovative methods to address the issue despite limited resources. In addition to the other Priority Investment Areas, SJI remains committed to assisting the state courts in assuring access to justice for these litigants.