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SJI Grant Products are Available at the NCSC Library

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Library is the official repository for all SJI grant products, including reports, curricula, media, and any documents in their final version created by SJI grant funding. Beginning in FY 2011, The NCSC Library became a centralized holding of these items, which replaced the previous requirement for SJI grantees to disseminate their final products to all 50 state court libraries.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to research previously-funded SJI grants by reviewing grant products and presenting this information in their application. A benefit of the collaboration with the NCSC Library is their convenient online searchable catalog and digital archive. The catalog contains a list of all holdings at the physical location in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the digital archive allows users to access the electronic versions.

All grantees are required to forward one hard copy and one digital copy (preferably in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word) of their final grant product(s) to SJI. Project Grant recipients are requested to send three hard copies and one digital copy upon completion of their grant product(s). SJI makes all final grant products available to the NCSC Library for posting.