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SJI Funding Toolkit: New Weekly Guide to Federal Grant Programs

NEW–Access the weekly guide to Federal Grant Programs in one concise document, organized by topic area, and that highlights key information to help jurisdictions make decisions about whether to pursue these open #funding opportunities here:…/SJI_New-Funding…

The SJI Funding Toolkit is designed to support local courts, state courts, and their justice system partners as they pursue federal and philanthropic funding opportunities. This toolkit includes resources that encompass the entire grant seeking, writing and management process, such as planning checklists, sample documents, frequently asked questions and fact sheets. Technical assistance is also available to courts to provide support and feedback during the grant writing and development process. Whether you are new to the grant process, have attempted unsuccessfully to write grants in the past, want to know about new funding opportunities, or are honing your grant skills, this toolkit is for you! #FTK

SJI Funding Toolkit: