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SJI Awards FY 2016 Third Quarter Grants

The SJI Board of Directors met on June 13, 2016, at SJI Headquarters to make decisions on quarterly grant applications and awarded a total of nineteen (19) new grants.

One Strategic Initiatives Grant was awarded to support the implementation Phase of the Civil Justice Initiative.  Two (2) Project Grants were approved, one to the Center for Court Innovation for a Domestic Violence Risk Factor Guide for Civil Courts Enhancement Project; and one to the New York Unified Court System for development and implementation of an Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

Ten (10) Technical Assistance (TA) Grants were approved, including: the Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court for a commercial court evaluation; the Nebraska Judiciary for a review of clerk’s offices statewide; the Colorado Administrative Office of the Courts for a Domestic Relations Triage Project; the Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts for a Criminal Case Scheduling Initiative; and the Greene County, Ohio, Juvenile Court for an Operational Assessment.

Six (6) Curriculum Adaptation & Training (CAT) Grants were approved, including: support to the Judicial Council of California for an Advanced Judicial College; the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts for an online Guardianship Training Course; the Arkansas Judiciary for development of online modules for court security officers; and the American Judges Association for domestic abuse education for judges.