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Rural Justice Collaborative Seeking Innovation Site Nominations

Applications Due: July 31st, 2023

Rural communities face unique challenges that impact their ability to deliver fair and equitable justice. Despite these challenges, rural communities rely on their many strengths to address the needs of their residents. The RJC is designed to highlight the success found in rural justice systems. More information about the RJC can be found at  
The RJC is soliciting nominations for rural justice programs or initiatives that were developed in rural communities or adapted for rural communities that fall into the RJC’s seven areas of focus. To be considered, a program or initiative must:

  • Primarily serve justice-involved individuals or families engaged in the court system or be designed to increase access to legal representation.
  • Reflect innovation that is specific to a rural community.
  • Have been operational for a least one year.
  • Have a written description of the initiative, practice, or program.
  • Have an interest in serving as a mentor for other rural communities.

Priority consideration will be given to initiatives that are multi-disciplinary in nature (at least two agencies representing two different disciplines must be involved). Past Innovation Sites can be found here.