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Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Elder Issues

SJI assists courts in improving court oversight of guardians and conservators for the elderly and incapacitated adults through visitor programs, electronic reporting, and training.

2021 National Guardianship Network, Fourth National Guardianship Summit

The National Guardianship Network (NGN) is a collaborative group of national organizations dedicated to effective guardianship law and practice, to include both guardianship (of the person) and conservatorship (of the assets).  With support from the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), the NGN will hold  the 4th National Guardianship Summit.  The Summit will be hosted by the Syracuse University College of Law  and organized around the theme, “Maximizing Autonomy and Ensuring Accountability.” The primary objectives of the Summit will be the development of recommendations for changes in state guardianship laws, policies, and procedures to ensure the greatest protection of adults at risk of, or under, a guardianship; and the publication of papers addressing a number of emerging issues and critical topics for state courts and other stakeholders.  To assist state courts, the participants will produce a lasting body of recommendations, law review articles, and issues briefs that include new procedures and techniques, and ideas for enhancing existing guardianship practice.