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SJI Receives 4th Quarter FY 2012 Grant Applications

SJI received 23 grant applications requesting a total of $1,349,759 for the 4th quarter of FY 2012. The Board will meet on September 17, 2012, to finalize decisions on grant awards for the last quarter of this fiscal year. The results of this Board meeting will be available that same week.

SJI continues to receive inquiries regarding funding priorities and interests for FY 2013. The SJI Grant Guideline for FY 2013 will be available online through the SJI website in October. The grant and Education Support Program (ESP) application deadlines for FY 2013 are: 1st quarter – November 1, 2012; 2nd quarter – February 1, 2013; 3rd quarter – May 1, 2013; and, 4th quarter – August 1, 2013. SJI staff are available to assist with questions on the application process, and applicants are encouraged to review the SJI website and social media outlets for information and news on recently funded projects.