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SJI Awards FY 2019 Fourth Quarter Grants

The SJI Board of Directors met on September 9, 2019 to make decisions on quarterly grant applications and approved a total of 12 new grants.

Ten (10) Technical Assistance Grants were awarded: the Connecticut Judicial Branch for a domestic relations triage project; the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana for a governance and organizational assessment; the Massachusetts Judiciary for a triage/pathways initiative for family cases; the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts for a statewide expungement clinic initiative in rural areas; the 32nd Circuit Court of Michigan for a strategic planning initiative; the South Dakota Unified Judicial System for a court security project; the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center for a survey kiosks pilots and assessment; the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals for a jury orientation online video; the 1st Judicial District of Pennsylvania for a technology leadership assistance project; and the Illinois Judiciary for strategic plan implementation.

Two (2) Curriculum Adaptation and Training (CAT) Grants were awarded: The Georgia Judiciary for a podcast training project; and the Oregon Judicial Department for training on bias in the courtroom.