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Reimagining Dependency Courts Issues Permanency Report

An initiative of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), Reimagining Dependence Courts (RDC) launched in 2016 with support from Casey Family Programs and SJI.

RDC released its inaugural eight page Permanency Report providing a snapshot of foster care system. The report details state-by-state data on key foster care and permanency measures, as well as examples of strategies being implemented through the project to reduce court delay in achieving permanency.

The project has already realized results by providing judicial leaders with children and family and outcome data, in addition to the court process measures courts. Some of the measures found in the Permanency Report include the percentage of children in foster care who have been in care for more than 24 months and the percentage of foster children in the state who are waiting for adoption.

In addition to this project and the report, the NCSC also hosts an online resource guide devoted to dependency courts.