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Pretrial Justice and the State Courts Initiative Announces Two New Resources

The Pretrial Justice and the State Court Initiative is a collaboration between the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and the Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI), with grant support provided by SJI.  Two new resources are now available that provide valuable insights on successful pretrial programs administered by state courts:

Estimating the Costs of Implementing Pretrial Assessment and Monitoring Services: This brief highlights how courts and their criminal justice system partners can collaborate to estimate the costs of using an evidenced-based pretrial assessment and monitoring tools (both supervision-based and remote/electronic).  Examples from California, Kentucky, New Jersey, Yakima County in Washington, and St. Mary’s County in Maryland, are presented to show how both uniform statewide and jurisdiction-based programs have been planned, implemented, and reviewed.  The brief walks the reader through considerations to explore with stakeholders before moving forward in light of shared outcomes, efficiencies, and cost-benefit analysis.

Pretrial Justice Planning Guide for Courts: This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the pretrial planning process that jurisdictions have or should embark on when working with partners using a multi-phase approach.  By breaking down the process into: 1) Guiding Questions; 2) Tasks and Worksheets; and, 3) Online Resources, the guide is meant to actively support the planning process after agreement that some pretrial program and service is needed, or a situation where the court is positioned as the lead to guide the process to redesign  and improve the existing pretrial program.