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New Priority Investment Area for 2014

Each fiscal year, SJI allocates significant financial resources to support its Priority Investment Areas. In FY 2014, the Priority Investment Areas will be (in no ranking order): 1) Language Access and the State Courts; 2) Self-Represented Litigation; 3) Reengineering in Response to Budget Reductions; 4) Human Trafficking and the State Courts; 5) Immigration Issues in the State Courts; 6) Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Elder Issues; and 7) a new Priority Investment Area on Remote Technology – e.g., innovative use of technology to improve the business operations of courts and provide enhanced services outside the courtroom (videoconferencing, online access, educational services, remote court proceedings, the electronic record, centralization/regionalization of court services, etc.).

The state courts have been increasing their use of technology to enhance services, become more efficient, and reduce costs. However, much of this work has been fragmented across and within states, and often depends on various factors such as awareness of how remote technology can be harnessed to improve the delivery of court services and/or willingness to embrace new technologies. Technological advancements such as the electronic record, digital recording, and videoconferencing require courts to not only reassess current business processes, but also create new rules and procedures that support access outside the traditional courthouse/courtroom context.

SJI is interested in innovative approaches to promoting awareness of the ease and benefits of embracing remote technology to improve access to justice, enhance court operations, and reduce costs. Please note that SJI will not support the operational costs associated with the development or enhancement of case management and electronic record systems, in addition to any other equipment costs that support these systems.