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NACM Midyear Meeting: The Power of Strategic Collaboration

The National Association Court Management (NACM) is hosting its 2018 midyear meeting, February 11-13, 2018, in Orange County, California.  Recently, NACM announced that the midyear meeting, “Bridging the Gap – the Power of Strategic Collaboration,” was closed to new and walk-in registrations.  If you were previously waitlisted, you should know by the end of January whether NACM can make arrangements for your attendance.

However, just because you are unable to attend in-person, does not mean you cannot participate.  With a grant provided by SJI, live-streaming of midyear educational sessions and workshops will be available.  In addition to the live-streaming and workshop broadcasts, there will be archived educational sessions for future viewing.  SJI supports the development of educational content and its free dissemination online because court professionals are often unable to attend the NACM midyear and annual meetings in person.

The midyear meeting will address how strategic collaboration is vital for courts that seek to establish stronger partnerships and a greater sense of connection with the community.  When courts and their partners collaborate, they work productively toward solutions that result in sustainable outcomes that impact public safety and access to justice.

The midyear meeting will provide attendees with training and networking opportunities that will encourage them to consider how collaboration can be used to address systemic issues that intersect with internal and external interests of the judicial branch. The midyear meeting theme highlights the collaborative intersections that exist between the work of the court and the needs of the community by engaging the private sector and other governmental entities, all of which are essential in building a more responsive and forward-thinking model of justice.

The agenda and video streaming will be available throughout the conference.