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Arkansas Judiciary Develops First Ever Online Court Security Training

In FY 2008, SJI awarded a grant to the AOC to develop training programs for Court Security Officers (CSOs), and create a core group of CSOs to deliver the training to their colleagues (SJI-08-T-147). The AOC has trained more than 1,600 CSOs under the curricula developed with funding from that grant. Based on that success, the AOC requested and received a second grant to develop and deliver online curricula that will ensure interactive delivery and efficient provision of training to more CSOs across the state. The online training is now available nationally to all courts.

Arkansas Court Security Officer Training (SJI-14-E-014) is a highly interactive course featuring virtual simulations of active shooter events, role-playing and scenario-based interactive assessments allowing users to immediately put knowledge into action. Because courthouses must be accessible and in centralized locations, they are vulnerable to acts of random violence. Courts must have proper court security procedures, technology, personnel, and architectural features, to not only protect the safety of the people and property within and around the courts, but also the integrity of the judicial process. While there is no one solution to issues concerning court security, proper planning must involve collaboration with law enforcement offices, emergency agencies, and governing bodies. This course provides the learner with many new skills including: how to respond to an active shooter; best practices in court security; judicial threat management; and body language as a communication tool. The course if available for free, with unlimited access, through the National Center for State Courts/Institute for Court Management.