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Conservator Accountability Project Releases Implementation Guide

The Conservator Accountability Project (CAP) begain in 2015, with two key goals to help courts modernize their conservatorship process, specifically through the use of technology and analytics.

Supported by an SJI Grant, the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), working with CAP, has released a new guide titled, Conservatorship Accountability Project: Modernizing Conservatorship Processes and Improving the Protection of Assets.

Minnesota,  which served as the model for the guide, has been a unified court system since the late 1980’s and was able to secure outside resources and broad legislative support for the implmentation of MyMnConservator (MMC) – a mandatory conservatorship accounting software, and the Conservator Account Auditing Program (CAAP), also used statewide.

During the pilot phase of CAP, the NCSC, working directly with several states, including New Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, Texas, and Clark County, Nevada, found that most states did not have access to the resources needed to implement broad-scale changes under the present conditions.  Data collection efforts showed that most state courts still have a difficult time documenting the number of active conservatorship cases.  Rather than create a guide that only a few courts could implement, this guide informs readers of the efforts and advancements under way.